Targeted Outcomes

   Utility Company        Consumer

      Lower cost to serve           Lower expenses

​      Reduced arrearages          Avoid shut-off

​      Satisfied customers           Financial health

      Achieve efficiency goals


​​We enable our utility and other essential service provider clients to accelerate product and service innovations that work better for financially-vulnerable consumers and the communities in which they live. We believe in the promise of improved consumer financial health through effective customer experience design and the application of engagement strategies that foster service affordability, cost transparency, predictability, and control. Through design-thinking and behavioral tools that reduce avoidable consumer expenses, we improve corporate operational performance while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

UtilityBoost Customer Empowerment Framework

Traditional Customer Assistance Program Model

WE UNDERSTAND THE innovation challenges of providers of essential services. 

Our team includes design-thinkers, engineers, finance professionals, social scientists, data analysts, and experienced corporate leaders.

Next, we guide the customer service design and development process to ensure usability, market acceptance, scalability, and maximum ROI.

We deliver turnkey pilot design & implementation services, providing real-world customer

feedback - prior to risking 

major capital outlays.

We provide advanced analytical capabilities to objectively measure

impact on business, customer, and/or societal metrics - during piloting & full-scale implementation..

We start by illuminating your

unique attributes impacting 

customer engagement & revenue recovery such as processes, technology investment/ infrastructure, and external stakeholder collaborations.

measure / evaluate

design / develop