From equipment ... to EMPOWERMENT

  • Affordability (consume and pay less)
  • Predictability (anticipate and budget)
  • Transparency (eliminate surprises)
  • Control (empower ownership and choice) 

Positive Engagement Cycle

We start by illuminating your

unique attributes impacting 

customer engagement & revenue recovery such as processes, technology investment/ infrastructure, and external stakeholder collaborations.



WE UNDERSTAND THE UNIQUE challenges of financially-vulnerable consumers and the companies that serve them. 

Our team includes design-thinkers, engineers, finance professionals, social scientists, data analysts, and experienced corporate managers.

We provide advanced analytical capabilities to objectively measure

impact on business, customer, and/or societal metrics - during piloting & full-scale implementation..


Targeted Outcomes

   Utility Company        Consumer

      Lower cost to serve           Lower expenses

​      Reduced arrearages          Avoid shut-off

​      Satisfied customers           Financial health

      Achieve efficiency goals

We deliver turnkey pilot design & implementation services, providing real-world customer

feedback - prior to risking 

major capital outlays.

design / develop 



​​​​We advise utility companies and their service providers in the development and implementation of strategies that equip and engage financially-challenged consumers. Our technology-enabled customer experience programs deliver increased cost transparency, predictability, and control over household energy expenses. Through design-thinking, conservation behavioral tools, and innovative approaches to communications, billing, and payments, we enable win-win relationships between utilities and their hard to reach customers.​

Next, we guide the customer service design and development process to ensure usability, market acceptance, scalability, and maximum ROI.

measure / evaluate